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How to Achieve the Perfect, Tousled Blowout Every Time

How to Achieve the Perfect, Tousled Blowout Every Time

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Mar 8th 2017

Ever wish your stylist could come home with you to help style your hair every morning? Our Awapuhi Wild Ginger® products are the next best thing " they’ll help you master the art of the blowdry in a few simple steps, leaving you looking like you just stepped out of the salon!

Step One: Prep your hair with MirrorSmooth® Shampoo and Conditioner. This will leave your hair smoother with less frizz and sets the stage for a perfect blowout.

Step Two: Towel dry hair to remove excess water. Pro Tip: Be sure to blot dry your hair, as rubbing hair causes friction, breakage  and frizz.

Step Three: Apply a dime-sized amount of MirrorSmooth® High Gloss Primer  from mid-shaft to ends. Spritz HydroMist Blowout Spray® all over to speed up drying time.

Step Four: Remove nozzle off your blow dryer and rough dry hair until 80% dry. Pro Tip: Always point dryer downward to minimize frizz and for greater control of the direction of air from the dryer.

Step Five: Divide hair into three sections:

  1. Temple to temple is section A
  2. Middle ear to middle ear is section B
  3. The remaining hair is section C

Step Six: Starting with section C, with little to no lift at the root, use a medium to large round brush. Completely blowdry the subsection, then concentrate on ends to make sure they’re polished.Roll up the brush to roots, blowdry lightly then allow to cool to give hair a natural wave. Pro Tip: The size of the round brush will determine the size of curls.

Step Seven: For section B, use the round brush to lift hair at the root for added volume. Continue rolling the round brush up to the root, blast with a little heat, then allow the hair to cool. Continue to section A.

Step 8: After your blowdry is finish, hit the cool setting on your dryer and rough blowdry your hair to lock in the style. Pro Tip: Use a dime-sized amount of MirrorSmooth® High Gloss Primer to tame flyaways or to give extra sheen.

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