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How To: Braided Style for Extra-Curly Hair

How To: Braided Style for Extra-Curly Hair

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems® on Sep 18th 2017

Learn from the pros and master any hairstyle with Paul Mitchell's Virtual Stylist series! Watch now to find out how to create a braided style for extra-curly hair.


  1. Apply a dime-sized amount of a leave-in conditioning cream to front section of hair.
  2. Use a comb to evenly distribute product.
  3. Section front from back and brush to smooth and polish.


  1. Create a 3-strand braid in front section, separate into three sections. Secure with an elastic and repeat on other side.
  2. Continue braiding rear sections.


  1. Use a few drops of a styling pomade.
  2. Take the ends of one of the front braids then drape across head like a crown. Continue with other braids.

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