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How To: Grow and Groom a Beard

How To: Grow and Groom a Beard

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Sep 27th 2015

It’s that time of year, gentleman: time to grow your facial hair. Paul Mitchell pro stylist Chris Hogg is sharing must-know tips for growing and grooming a beard that is handsome, not haggard. So whether you’re a seasoned beard wearer or a facial hair amateur, don’t miss these must-know tips.

Facial hair can be a great way to enhance your mug and hide a multitude of skin sins like sun damage and acne scars. But bear in mind, beards can also enhance features that you may not want to call attention to like a weak jaw line, balding or sagging neck skin. Therefore it’s important to find the right type of facial hair or beard shape for your face. Much like your choice of haircut, it’s important to find a style that suits your face shape, so don’t be shy about asking your barber or stylist for a recommendation.

As you get started growing your beard, consider these tips:


  • Those with round faces do well with strong lines that soften the curves of the face. Try squaring off your goatee or keeping longer whiskers on the chin and keeping your sides tidy.
  • Those with long faces should wear a full beard that’s thicker on the sides and shorter around the mouth and chin. This helps to bring proportion to your face.
  • If you’re having trouble determining the right shape for your face, consult your barber or stylist.


There is a difference between a man who has grown a beard and one who hasn't bothered to shave. Beards require regular maintenance and grooming, more or less depending on the style. Use these tips to keep your facial hair looking handsome, not haggard.

  • Razor daily to ensure your lines are clean.
  • Replace your blades every 5 shaves and make sure blades are dry after each use to avoid rust.
  • Make sure you moisturize daily, otherwise your body may compromise by producing extra oil which can cause breakouts.
  • A beard is like all the other hair on your on your body; it needs to be washed regularly. When you wash your beard, make sure to rinse completely to avoid dryness and flaking.
  • A good beard oil or balm is essential to keep your beard moisturized, shiny, healthy and soft.
  • Healthy skin means healthy hair. Eating well and taking a daily vitamin will dramatically improve your beard.

If you’re sporting a beard this fall, keep these tips in mind and be sure to consult your stylist or barber about a grooming routine that is right for your facial hair.

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Image via David Fisher/Rex/REX USA