How To: Hollywood Waves for Extra-Curly Hair

Learn from the pros and master any hairstyle with Paul Mitchell's Virtual Stylist series! Watch now to find out how to give extra-curly hair movie-star waves for a Hollywood Glam look.


  1. Begin with hair that's been blow-dried. Create two sections with your hair, separating the front from the back.
  2. Spray the front triangular section with a thermal protectant.


  1. Wrap hair like a ribbon over the rod attachment of an iron.
  2. Roll hair around fingers to clip part of curl to base of hair.
  3. Grab another horizontal section of hair and repeat steps until all hair has been curled and clipped.
  4. Split back section of hair down the center.
  5. Comb hair as far forward as possible and curl only bottom of hair by holding iron vertically.
  6. Roll hair around fingers and clip into place.
  7. To create volume at crown, hold the top section of hair straight up and spray with thermal protectant.
  8. Wrap hair flat around rod, release and clip into place.


  1. Spray with hairspray and unclip curls.
  2. Brush through sections.
  3. Spray again to set your look and lock in shine.

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