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How to Pack Your Beauty Essentials for a Weekend Getaway

Posted by Inger Berg on Jan 18th 2015

When preparing for a weekend getaway, I always pack my beauty products at the last minute, since I will use them up until the day I leave home. Oftentimes, after arriving at my destination, I realize I forgot my favorite lipstick or must-have bottle of Dry Wash® on the bathroom counter (argh!).   After going on many trips where I forgot this product or that one, I learned my lesson and vowed to get organized.

Liter Duos

Here are my tips for properly preparing and packing beauty essentials for any trip:

  • Reuse a beauty bag. Skip the freezer-sized plastic bag look and go for something a bit more chic. Right now, you’ll score a free reusable beauty bag with the purchase of your favorite Paul Mitchell liter duos, so stock up! If you’re super organized, grab a bag for each of your routines (skincare, makeup, hair products, etc.).    
  • Create a travel beauty kit. Purchase a travel-sized bottle for each of your must-have items (face wash, moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, etc.) and fill it with the given product. Stock your beauty bag with these designated travel-sized products, plus bobby pins, hair ties and your favorite travel-sized Paul Mitchell hairspray. Each time you pull out your beauty bag, you’ll have your daily essentials already packed and ready to go!
  • Pack any additional items in advance. After using your toiletries for the last time before you head out of town, place them directly into your beauty bag. It’s a sure way you don’t leave your favorite lipstick on your bureau or put your toothbrush back in your medicine cabinet out of habit.

With these tips you’ll be prepared for any trip you take (and never forget your favorite lipstick at home!).  

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Inger Berg is the Brand Manager for Paul Mitchell®. She works closely with our Product Innovation Center and team of professionals to develop Paul Mitchell products that deliver superior results. She is known around the office for having shiny, gorgeous locks!  

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