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How To: Smooth, Sleek Waves featuring MirrorSmooth

Posted by Taylor deDiego on Aug 6th 2015

This is a guest post from Paul Mitchell Professional Stylist Samantha Ploskonka.  

What better way to showcase a brilliant hair color, cut or style than with sleek, shiny hair? With Awapuhi Wild Ginger® MirrorSmooth™,  I am able to eliminate frizz, hydrate parched hair and add tons of shine for flawless looks on my guests!


For this style, I prepped my guests hair with MirrorSmooth Shampoo and Conditioner, and once hair was washed, conditioned and towel dried, I applied a few pumps of the MirrorSmooth High Gloss Primer. Think of what a primer does for your face; smoothes pores, evens out the skin and prep for a flawless makeup application. MirrorSmooth High Gloss Primer does that for you hair. It hydrates and smoothes the surface for shiny, frizz-free styles.

To get a super smooth finish, use the Neuro® Dry and a 427 Paddle Brush to flat wrap hair until completely dry. Next, spray Hot Off The Press® throughout the hair and brush to evenly disperse. To create the subtle wave, I set her hair with the limited edition Neuro Cell V8 using all 8 rollers in a classic placement (rolling down the back of the head) and supplemented where needed with the Neuro® Cell. Once cooled, I removed the rollers and brushed her hair into a super sleek wave.

This silky style is perfect for nearly any occasion; an important meeting, date night or an evening on the town. How would you wear it?

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