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How To: Style a Feminine Faux Hawk

How To: Style a Feminine Faux Hawk

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Feb 9th 2016

When it comes to hairstyles, sometimes you need a little edge to feel like your most fierce self. Enter the feminine faux hawk╌a style that gives the illusion of a cropped cut without any permanent commitment. Dare to try this style? Here’s how to get the look:

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  • Start with clean, damp hair and apply a handful of   Sculpting Foam™  to give your hair memory and hold. Evenly distribute with a wide tooth comb.

  • Next, rough dry your hair until completely dry.

  • Using the medium   Express Ion Curl®, curl random pieces of hair to create texture.

  • Take the top portion of your hair from temple to temple and gently backcomb the hair to create volume. Smooth and pull into a small ponytail right above the crown of your head.

  • Next, create another ponytail directly below the first with a section of hair about 1" thick. Continue creating small ponytails underneath each other down the back of your head.

  • Once all hair is tied into ponytails, gently backcomb each to give your hair volume and texture.

  • Individually, create a mini bun by twisting the hair around the base of the ponytail and secure with a bobby pin. Do this for each ponytail╌you should have as many mini buns as you did ponytails in the end.

  • PRO TIP: The buns should not be perfect╌make them messy and imperfect to give the style a feminine, lived-in look.

  • Finally, finish the look by using your teasing brush to pull loose hairs out around your face and the top of the buns, then set the look with Extra-Body Finishing Spray®.

This look is equal parts fierce and feminine, which means you can rock it with jeans and a tee or your very best cocktail dress. Show us your finished style on Instagram with #IHeartPM.