How To: Style a Long Bob

From January Jones to Sienna Miller, many of Hollywood’s leading ladies have adopted the long bob and paved the way for other gals to take the short-hair plunge. We adore this look for many reasons, but particularly because it can be styled in so many ways (straight, wavy, curled or pinned back to name a few options). If you’re currently rocking the long bob (or thinking about making the cut!), National Educator Brian Haire has a few tips for styling your locks into an intentionally messy look.    

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Blow-dry your hair into a semi-smooth finish with minimal body and volume. Once you have created a smooth foundation, apply a fine mist of Awapuhi Wild Ginger Texturizing Sea Spray to give your hair grit and texture.

Take medium to large sections of hair and twist them in varying patterns. Keep in mind, the direction to twist the hair will ultimately be the direction the hair falls. Repeat this set until all hair is twisted.

Once the hair is twisted, apply Spray Wax and release the twists. Play with the texture and spray the hair all the way around the head; re-twist sections from the top of the head down to the hairline to create additional texture and movement. Use a curling iron or styling rod to create any additional wave or curl as desired.

Apply one last overall mist of Texturizing Sea Spray and then lightly shake out the hair.

Finish the style with a light application of Styling Treatment Oil on any ends that may need to be smoothed back down or require additional shine.

The end result is perfectly on-trend style with loads of texture!  

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