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How To: The Half-Up Rose Bun

How To: The Half-Up Rose Bun

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Aug 17th 2016

As much as we love experimenting with an armful of styling products and tools (and we really, really do!), we’d much rather be outside soaking up the warm, summer sun. That’s why we’ve officially fallen in love with the rose bud braid╌a romantic, seemingly intricate half-up ’do that’s actually oh-so-easy to achieve. And with wedding season upon us, this flower bun is ideal for brides-to-be. Here’s how to get the look:

Must-have products:

Get the look:

First, apply  Sculpting Foam™  to clean, damp hair from roots to ends. This gives the look a perfect foundation and helps it last and last.  

Paul -mitchell -pro -tools -Beauty -In -Bloom -rose -bun -How -Too -Step -1

Paul -mitchell -pro -tools -Beauty -In -Bloom -rose -bun -How -Too -Step -2

Comb through and blow-dry.

Paul -mitchell -pro -tools -Beauty -In -Bloom -rose -bun -How -Too -Step -3

Use your favorite smoothing iron to create natural-looking waves and dimension  (this summer we’re crushing on the limited edition Beauty in Bloom Express Ion Smooth®+). Create natural waves by simply twisting the smoothing iron as you move through each section of hair.


Gather the hair above your ears with a sculpting brush and secure a small ponytail at the back of your head with a clear elastic.

Paul -mitchell -pro -tools -Beauty -In -Bloom -rose -bun -How -Too -Step -6

Take the ponytail and build a loose braid from top to bottom and secure with another clear elastic.


Wrap the braid around the base of your ponytail, gently pinching and pulling as you go, and secure with bobby pins. For a more polished final look, keep the braid tight, and your bun neat and symmetrical.


Finally, set the look with your favorite flexible hairspray (we’re digging  Hold Me Tight™  for this look). and in a couple of minutes you've created a beautiful, feminine look that will attract loads of attention.


And thanks to the prettiest hand mirror  you’ve ever seen (free with purchase!) you can admire your "hard" work too. But as tempting as it’ll be to snap and share on repeat, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses, okay?


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