How To: The Perfect, Parisian-Inspired French Braids

Brigitte Bardot, Francoise Hardy, Catherine Deneuve, Garance Doré╌these are a just a handful of French beauties that inspire our style and make us crave a summer spent under the Eiffel Tower. Whether you’re grabbing your passport and escaping to the city of lights or staying stateside for the season, we have a tutorial that will help you channel your inner French girl with ease.



  • Apply Sculpting Foam to damp hair and blow-dry with the Express Ion Dry+.
  • Lightly spray Dry Wash® on the scalp and surface areas of dry hair for added control and texture.
  • Create a deep curved part, starting on the right side and ending on the bottom left side.
  • Following the hairline, begin an outside French braid. Take curved sections along the top of the head, leaving the widest part of the section at the bottom.
  • Continue to French braid along the hairline, incorporating bottom hair only after the braid passes the side of the head. Secure the braid with a band and repeat on the opposite side.
  • Pull the braid loops to expand the section and fatten the braid.
  • Finish with Extra-Body Finishing Spray.

Pardon My French

Voilà! You’ve created the perfect French braids!

For a gorgeous second-day style, wear your hair wavy by releasing the braids and using Dry Wash® to refresh your tresses and emphasize your texture. Adorn your styles with a breton t-shirt, ballet flats and a swipe of rouge lipstick, and you’re Paris-ready, ma chérie!

Check out the entire Pardon My French collection and grab limited edition, Parisian-inspired tools and styler duos at a Paul Mitchell salon near you.

Inger Berg is the Brand Manager for Paul Mitchell®. She works closely with our Product Innovation Center and team of professionals to develop Paul Mitchell products that deliver superior results. She is known around the office for having shiny, gorgeous locks!

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