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How To: Wear the Undone, Textured Look with Straight Hair

How To: Wear the Undone, Textured Look with Straight Hair

Posted by Paul Mitchell Team on Jun 22nd 2015

One of our favorite trends for summer 2015 is the messy, textured look╌it exudes a model-off-duty vibe that any style savvy girl can wear for matters like brunch, happy hour and other festive summer activities. Early this year, we received a question from a fan on our Ask A Stylist forum  about how to wear the lived-in look with straight hair rather than waves, and National Educator Lucas Doney provided a quick tutorial for getting the look. Here’s his pro advice.  



A messy, textured look can be achieved on nearly any hair type, but if you want to wear your hair straight use these steps to achieve the look.

  • Begin with wet hair and apply Fast Form. This cream gel will help control texture and reduce drying time.
  • Use your Express Ion Dry+ and a round brush to dry your hair and create a smooth, straight foundation.
  • Once your hair is dry, use a small amount of Spray Wax to add texture and separation to your tresses. You can spray the product directly onto your hair and use your fingers to create additional texture or spray the product into your hand and apply with your fingers.
  • After apply the product, use your fingers to create twists, texture and additional separation.

Happy styling!  

Image via RexUSA