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How To: Winter Mermaid Waves

How To: Winter Mermaid Waves

Posted by Angela Hauk on Dec 19th 2015

It’s winter and in California we’re shivering in 50 degree weather while our east coast friends brave true winter temps. In an effort to help fellow snow bunnies and beauty connoisseurs warm up (at least in spirit), we turned to Paul Mitchell Insider and east coast resident Jackie LaBadia to show us how to buck the normal winter hair trends. Here she shares her foolproof tutorial for achieving and rocking perfect mermaid-inspired waves this winter.

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Adored by beauty girls everywhere, the mermaid wave has reached iconic beauty status summer season after summer season. But why should those sexy, textured waves be limited to just three short summer months? Some of my best hair days have been the result of the mermaid wave, so why should I have to retire one of my all-time favorite beauty looks come winter?

While effortless, straight-from-the-beach-mermaid waves may seem more seasonally appropriate at a summer barbecue than at a snowy après ski event, it doesn’t mean the chic, piecey style can’t be worn during the winter months. Fall Fashion Week runways debuted their version of the mermaid wave across several different designer stages, making it a hot trend for right now.

To make this beauty magic happen this winter, you’ll need the following tools:

The Express Ion Unclipped 3-in-1 iron is the perfect tool to create this look this since you don't use the clip like a standard curling iron. Wrapping your hair around the iron rather than using the clip on your curling iron creates the beachy result you’re after.

For me, the perfect mermaid waves happen on second-day hair. I achieve the style by taking the following steps:

  • Separate your hair into three sections and pin the top 2/3 up so the bottom section remains down.
  • Hold your wand downwards and wrap a 1-2" section of your hair around the barrel starting near the handle and wrapping down towards the end of the wand.
  • Repeat the process throughout the rest of your hair and sections.
  • When curling the top section, start your curl around 6" from the top of your part so it's not curled all the way to the root.
  • Lightly tease under your top section of hair to add volume.
  • Finish your look by spraying Awapuhi Wild Ginger® Texturizing Sea Spray® on the tips of your fingers and run them lightly through the roots and tips of your waves to give a textured look.
  • If you generally deal with frizz or static during the winters, rub 1-2 pumps of Gloss Drops® into your hands thoroughly and gently apply from the mid-length of your hair to the ends.  

BOOM! You’re a mermaid in winter.

Jackie LaBadia is a freelance beauty writer and co-founder of the blog  Green Juice and Glossies.  

Angela Hauk is Paul Mitchell's Brand Advocate Manager. When she's not conversing with the Insiders or sending them swag, she enjoys painting, writing, and exploring new places. Someday she'll own a card shop where her obsession with quotes will be put to good use!

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