How-To: Get Second-Day Style

Second-day hair is having a moment. Here’s how you can get in on the trend, whether you decide to work with hair that’s freshly washed or skip the shampoo for a day or two or three…

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Professional stylists know that hair that’s not freshly washed has a workable texture that makes styling so much easier. But what if you prefer not to go a day without shampooing? There’s a complete line of hairstyling products that can help you fake the appearance of second-day hair. No matter what type of hair you have, here’s exactly what to use in order to create the relaxed, lived-in looks everyone desires.

Smoothing Cream to De-Shine
Hair that’s just been washed is typically super-shiny. Use a smoothing cream like Velvet Cream to tone down some the shine and give hair a second-day effect.
Try Invisiblewear® Velvet Cream

Lightweight Hair Gel for Short Hair
The easiest way to make short hair look effortlessly messy and chic is with a lightweight hair gel like Air Gel. Apply it with your fingers for a tousled effect that has volume and piecey texture.
Try Invisiblewear® Air Gel

Styling Cream for Dry Hair
Dry hair types can achieve texture that looks undone without frizz by using a styling cream like Cloud Whip that conditions, controls and defines hair.
Try Invisiblewear® Cloud Whip

Texture Hairspray for Flat Hair
In order to give hair that has a tendency to fall flat lived-in texture, you need a product that adds body and grip like Undone Texture Hairspray.
Try Invisiblewear® Undone Texture Hairspray

Mousse for Fine Hair
Fine hair that’s squeaky clean won’t hold a style. Create the illusion of a day-two do with Volume Whip®, a mousse that whips up airy volume and holds your hairstyle in place no matter the weather.
Try Invisiblewear® Volume Whip®

Texture Powder for Ponytails and Braids
Pump Me Up™ texture powder adds incredible grip that helps pull the hair up at the roots when creating a ponytail and gives hair piecey texture that makes braiding easier.
Try Invisiblewear® Pump Me Up™

Hairspray for Brushable Texture
Mimic a few days of wear with scrunched-up texture that still allows for brushing. Orbit™ Hairspray boosts volume and tames flyaways while finishing styles with beautiful brushability.
Try Invisiblewear® Orbit™ Hairspray


And if you decide not to shampoo, there are products for you, too.

Revive a Range of Hair Colors with Dry Shampoo
Leave hair feeling clean and fresh and extend style between washes with Blonde and Brunette Dry Shampoos. These super-fine tinted mists absorb oil with undetectable coverage.

Resuscitate a Blowout with Restyling Mist
Second-day hair can lose its body and vibrancy and Boomerang Restyling Mist® helps bring it back to life.

Wake Up Curls with Shaping Lotion
Whether you have coils, curls or waves, Memory Shaper™ can help reshape and restyle them, restoring their natural bounce.

Discover the signature line-up for second-day style, Invisiblewear®.

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