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I Am Brilliant

I Am Brilliant

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on May 1st 2016

When it comes to sunny hues or cool ashy tones, blondes know that caring for lightened hair requires ritual-like TLC╌a low cost for healthy, happy and absolutely stunning blonde locks that turn heads everywhere they go.

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This month, we’re celebrating blondes of all shades and products that not only repair and protect lightened hair, but also make blonde hair brilliant. We’re looking to our fans with blonde ambitions to tell us what you do to protect and care for your lightened hair during the warm summer months. Do you use purple shampoo religiously? Always use a heat protectant? Ritually use a repair product? Whatever it is, we want to know (and so do your fellow blondies!). Share your blonde hair care tips on Instagram or Twitter with #IAmPaulMitchell and we’ll select one winner to receive a swag bag of Paul Mitchell Blonde products.

Do you, brilliant blondes!

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