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I Am Flexible

I Am Flexible

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Nov 21st 2016

You would never let someone else’s negativity ruffle your feathers, and it’s no secret that you can flip from day to night or work to play at the drop of a hat. You’re the go-with-the-flow girl and your style is enviable, to say the least.

I AM Flexible -Square -with TEXT

Whether you’re rockin’ flirty, free-flowing locks, or you’re the superstar in your yoga class, we want to see your fabulous, flexible selfies! Snap a shot of you in action and share it on Instagram with #IAmPaulMitchell and tag @PaulMitchellUS. At the end of the month, we’ll pick one lucky person to receive our entire line of Flexible Style products so you can continue to shift, change and re-work your look anytime.

Good luck, and happy snapping!

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