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I Am Vibrant

I Am Vibrant

May 31st 2016

Paul -mitchell -I-am -vibrant -campaign -model -blog -post -1938x 1938

If you’re anything like us, you’re often found daydreaming about your next best hair color or pinning hair color inspiration to your ever-growing inspiration Pinterest board. We don’t blame you! With so many hair colors to try, we are often consumed by hair color dreams and plans for trying the next best shade.

So this month, we’re celebrating those who live in vibrant color! We want to see your beautiful, color-treated tresses and hear why you chose the shade you’re sporting. Post a picture of your hair color to Instagram or Twitter with #IAmPaulMitchell for your chance to win the complete Ultimate Color Repair® collection, including the new mask.

Here’s to a life lived in color!

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