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Iconic Hairstyles in Women's History

Iconic Hairstyles in Women's History

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Mar 1st 2017

Ever gone through your mom’s old pictures? It’s easy to tell the passage of time using hair as the marker. Styles comes and go with the years. And in honor of Women’s History Month, we are talking about some of the biggest styles from past decades. Move over, History Channel. We got this.

1920s: The Bob

This was a decade of change. Women won the right to vote. Prohibition went into effect. And people were rebelling against the Victorian norms they had grown up with. This included women chopping off their hair. It was a sign of rebellion, of defying the traditions of their parents. The short, defined cut of the bob was a serious departure from the carefully coiffed up-dos that people were used to women rocking.

1920s - The Bob (1)

©Eileen Tweedy/REX/Shutterstock  


1940s: Old Hollywood Waves

In-home TVs were still a thing of the future, so going to the movies was one of the main forms of entertainment in this decade. And thanks to that, movie stars were a main source of style inspiration. The stars of the silver screen like Rita Hayworth and Betty Grable wore their hair parted to the side. Straight hair was considered unfashionable, so soft waves and curls were the look of the time.

1940s - Old Hollywood Waves -bw



1960s: Twiggy’s Pixie Cut

While most associate the 1960s with the long-flowing hair of the hippies, we’d be remiss if we didn’t pay homage to the iconic hairstyle of Twiggy. Thanks to a life-changing haircut from celebrity hairstylist Leonard of Mayfair, Twiggy was scouted by a fashion reporter and the rest is history. Talk about the power of a haircut, right?

1960s - Twiggy ’s Pixie Cut

©Ted Blackbrow/REX/Shutterstock  


1980s: BIG Hair

Seems like every girl has a story about the ’80s. And a lot of them start with big hair. Volume was the name of the game. Hair was crimped, curled, teased, permed, feathered and sprayed in a million different directions, although the general direction was UP.

1980s - BIG Hair (1) 



2000s: The Blowout

Ah, the bombshell blowout that makes your arms ache at the mere thought of it. Full and bouncy hair with enviable shine. Think about all the models that have walked in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show " yeah, that blowout. Easy to rock, sometimes hard to achieve, but always gorgeous.

2000s - The Blowout

©Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock  


But at the end of the day, whatever style you rock is the best style for you.