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Introducing MITCH® Matterial™

Introducing MITCH® Matterial™

Posted by Marci Miguel on Jul 5th 2015

Guys, you might not even know that you need a new styling product or that your style could get any more fly, but for the past year we’ve worked closely with our pro groomers and artists and deduced that MITCH® men are in need of a new styling product that locks in strong, modern looks. So without further ado, I’m excited to introduce the newest development from MITCH: Matterial™.

MITCH Matterial is a gritty, strong-hold styling clay with a dry and ultra-matte finish (you won’t see any shine here!), perfect for creating on-trend, lived-in looks. This product is great for guys with fine hair because its strong grip bulks up texture without weighing hair down. Simply put: more texture, thicker-looking hair, no shine, modern styles.  

Matterial is now available in salons. Ask your barber or stylist to try this product on you during your next visit and give it a try. We think you’ll dig it.

Marci Miguel is the Brand Manager for Paul Mitchell Pro Tools™, Neuro® and MITCH®. On any given day, you'll find her working closely with our team of professionals to develop cutting-edge tools, brushes and men's styling products. She is also known around the office for having an amazing shoe collection.  

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