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Introducing the NEW Neuro® Motion

Introducing the NEW Neuro® Motion

Posted by Marci Miguel on Mar 5th 2015

Let’s face it: professional stylists are wizards when it comes to properly handling a blow-dryer and creating the perfect blow-out for their guests. And while the pros certainly know how to get the job done, a daily visit to the salon isn’t feasible for most of us. That’s why it’s important to perfect your at-home blow-out routine and we know that doing so requires the most efficient styling tools.

Now there is a tool that makes the job a little easier╌the Neuro® Motion. This professional grade dryer is touch activated! Simply turn on the dryer, and when you set it down, it turns off. When you pick it back up your touch will power it on again. Added bonus: The dryer is super lightweight so your at-home blow-out will not double as an upper body workout. Say hello to super-efficient styling and goodbye to fumbling over your dryer, brush and hair products!

Style savvy guys and gals, head to a Paul Mitchell® salon or school near you to pick up this seriously efficient blow-dryer.  

Marci Miguel is the Brand Manager for Paul Mitchell Pro Tools, Neuro and MITCH®. On any given day, you'll find her working closely with our team of professionals to develop cutting-edge tools, brushes and men's styling products. She is also known around the office for having an amazing shoe collection.  

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