It’s Back: MITCH Agave Bar

To many MITCH® men’s delight, the MITCH Agave Bar is back for a limited time. And if there is anything your grooming routine needs this summer, it is certainly this cedar and agave scented body bar that puts typical men’s body wash to shame. What may look like an average bar of soap is actually a best-selling shower companion that MITCH men raved about (it was so popular, we brought it back!):

Mitch -Agave -Bar -model -1938x 1938-1

"It’s the best soap I’ve ever used, hands down." " James

"The scent is all man." " Matt

"Without exaggerating, countless women told me I smelled "amazing’ after using the body bar. It was a sad day when it was discontinued." " Jack

"I’m not particular about many things, but if there is an option to have this soap in my shower, I will always make that happen. It’s great." " Lucas

"It's the soap equivalent of gold." " Danny

Mitch -Agave -Bar -1938x 1938-2

It really is that good. And it’s only around for a limited time, so stock up while you can.

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