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It's Here: Ultimate Color Repair

It's Here: Ultimate Color Repair

Posted by Inger Berg on Sep 18th 2014

Is there anything worse than literally watching your hair color investment go down the drain? Ladies and gents who color their hair know that using the right hair products is the key to keeping their color intact longer.  That’s why I am excited to announce the launch of our new product line for color-treated hair, Ultimate Color Repair™.

What is it: A three-part system (including a shampoo, conditioner and treatment) that harnesses the reparative power of quinoa to keep color vibrant for up to 9 weeks! This line works miracles for color-treated hair because it keeps hair healthy in more ways than one. The system prevents thermal damage by 86%, prevents breakage by 88% and increases shine by 59%. Those are some numbers we can get behind!

How it does it: Your hair color longevity is minimized by three leading factors: frequent shampooing, thermal styling and UV exposure. Ultimate Color Repair was created to defend against these factors by fusing quinoa, which is rich with amino acids, with other scientifically proven ingredients that penetrate deep into the hair. The amino acids bond like a magnet to lock in hair color while creating a protective shield that protects your locks from the inside out.  

Between my blow dryer and hot rollers, I subject my ombre tresses to a frequent dose of heat, and while I always use some sort of thermal protectant, Ultimate Color Repair™ Triple Rescue™ gives my hair an extra boost of strength and shine that gets hair color noticed weeks and weeks after the color service.

I just have to tell you the results are so superior that our third-party manufacturer that tested this product line called us personally, raving that the results were the best they’d seen. Really! The product performance truly speaks for itself.   After working on this line for over a year and a half I am so proud to say the wait is over and it is now available to purchase. If you color your hair, you can’t live without these products.

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Inger Berg is the Brand Manager for Paul Mitchell®. She works closely with our Product Innovation Center and team of professionals to develop Paul Mitchell products that deliver superior results. She is known around the office for having shiny, gorgeous locks!  

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