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Let’s Catch Up! Beyond the Bottle Round-Up

Let’s Catch Up! Beyond the Bottle Round-Up

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Apr 21st 2017

From winter to spring, we not only saw a change of seasons ╌ we saw a change in hairstyles, too! We packed a lot of style tips and inspiration into four short months, so you might need a refresher. Time to play catch up!


In January, we started the new year off right with 5 important resolutions for our hair!


Then in February, we gave you some straight talk when it comes to blunt styles and covered new ways to play with your part.


March ╌ Women’s History Month ╌ had us feeling super nostalgic with a look back at the most iconic women’s hairstyles in history. (Rita Hayworth and Gisele? These are looks we can get behind in any decade!)


And in April, of course we couldn’t help but brag about our new shades of The Demi, color XG®, and POP XG®, fresh from the minds of our creative team.

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