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Live Beautifully: Give Roots a Boost

Live Beautifully: Give Roots a Boost

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Apr 18th 2017

Spring is the season of new beginnings, and nothing makes us feel more glamorous than full  and voluminous strands that fall perfectly in place. With that extra dose of confidence, we can do big things!

In life, you need a good foundation to really live big, and the same goes for your hair. Without the right care and treatment, your locks can only do so much. Extra-Body Shampoo® and Extra-Body Conditioner® thicken, volumize and detangle hair ╌ the perfect primer for a fabulous blowout. And between our root lifter, thickening gel, and entire volumizing collection, you and your stylist can find the right regimen to banish fine hair for good. Because why be fine, when you can be great?!

Master lush locks with these tips and tricks.

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