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Live Beautifully: January

Live Beautifully: January

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Jan 4th 2017

We are professionals, students, healers, mothers, daughters and everything in between. We are women. We exude strength every day in everything that we do╌but what about our hair?

When your hair is strong and healthy, it reflects all that strength we know you have inside. That’s why weak strands and limp locks have no place on your head.

If your do’ is feelin’ a little worn down, don’t fret. Our Super Strong® line rebuilds hair from within, improves texture, and keeps your strands oh-so-shiny and soft. Plus, it’ll help shield your hair from damaging UV rays, and it’s completely vegan, color-safe and paraben free. If you ask us, it’s kind of like a little superhero in a bottle.

So keep doin’ what you do, and leave your hair up to us (you’ve got enough to worry about, okay?).

Ready for your strong look of the month?

Step 1: Start with clean, dry, straight hair. We recommend cleansing with Super Strong® Shampoo and conditioning with Super Strong® Conditioner.

Paul -mitchell -I-Am -Strong -How -To -1

Step 2: Make a part down the middle of your scalp and divide your hair into two separate high pony tails with elastic bands.

Paul -mitchell -I-Am -Strong -How -To -2

Paul -mitchell -I-Am -Strong -How -To -3

Step 3: Twist each section into its own separate bun and secure with bobby pins.

Paul -mitchell -I-Am -Strong -How -To -4

Paul -mitchell -I-Am -Strong -How -To -5

Paul -mitchell -I-Am -Strong -How -To -6

Step 4: Get out there and rock your strong look!  

Paul -mitchell -I-AM-STRONG-final -street -look -blog -C (1)

Check out our full Super Strong line here.

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