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March Radness

March Radness

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Feb 28th 2017

It’s always a good time to look your best, fellas. So don’t let the little things get in the way!


These gravity-defying annoyances can ruin a good hair day. But thankfully, a little product goes a long way to nip them in the bud. Take care of them with a product that gives you strong hold like our fan-fave Reformer®.



Looking to go long? We support you. Be aware: your barber is about to become your best friend. Your hair is going to need to be trimmed every 4-5 weeks to help it grow into a new shape. In between barbers? Take a look at our salon locator to find one near you!



Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: thinning hair. It happens, we hate it. But thankfully there are products that can help you get fuller, thicker-looking hair. Our new Scalp Care Anti-Thinning Root Lift Foam  gives you volume and texture starting at the root.

Blog cover: @geoffcameron

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