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Mark and Estel: A Journey to New York Fashion Week

Mark and Estel: A Journey to New York Fashion Week

Posted by The PM PR Girls on Feb 15th 2015

MARK AND ESTEL are musicians, artists and fashion designers. Also known as The Music and Fashion Duo or The Band and the Brand, they create fashion designs that are wearable expressions of their music. The first ever fashion designers to create all their own original music for their runway shows and perform the collections’ songs live for the finale, MARK AND ESTEL release new runway fashion collections and music biannually at New York Fashion Week. Their inspiration is every human being’s uniqueness, and their message is that perfection exists in one’s own individual sense of style.

After styling the looks for MARK AND ESTEL’s runway show during Fashion Week last week, we asked the designers/musicians to give us an intimate look at their road to New York Fashion Week. Here they detail what it takes to make it from their west coast home in Los Angeles to the runway in New York City. Here’s a look at their journey from the duo's perspective:

Day 1 & 2 - En Route to NYC and Setup

We are traveling to New York for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week to show "The Stairway to the Stars Collection’, MARK AND ESTEL’s FW2015 runway fashion collection.

Our team of Angelinos is traveling across the country with us to our second home, New York City. We travel from L.A. to NYC often, but the biggest adventure among these regularly occurring 5 - 6 hour flights is the trip to New York Fashion Week. On these biannual journeys our entire runway show team travels with us alongside our bags. Many, many, many bags! When we arrive, it’s time to set up the studio for casting.  

ME 2


To cast the show we photograph the models in our designs and ask them to walk for us.

ME 4

Days 3, 4 & 5 - Prep

Next up: prep time! Organizing the shipments we receive is one of the most important tasks during the preparation for our show. Our favorite shipment? The glorious delivery of Paul Mitchell® products that will be used to create runway-worthy styles for our models!

Casting begins and our stylishly edgy ladies walk the mock runway. We invite the ones who display the fiercest attitude with their walk to model our F/W 2015 collection on the runway. Legendary actress Mindy Cohn joins us as a muse and mentor on casting day.

ME 6

After casting we begin styling and fittings.  


When a look has been finalized, the model who will walk the look is photographed and the look board for the show is prepared, growing with each photograph of each look. The next steps are makeup tests and hair tests.  

ME 7

Brilliant members of the Paul Mitchell team create hairstyles for the models based on our vision for the collection, ultimately bringing the final look to life. We refer to our vision for the collection as dancing and flying at the same time, and our Paul Mitchell team creates a visual representation of this attitude with magnificently windswept hair.

ME 9

In the evening, we attend the ’50 Shades of Grey Bash’. One of our favorite music artists and long-time MARK AND ESTEL aficionado Skylar Grey performs the theme song, and we chat with Fashion Police’s Brad Goreski.

ME 8

Behind the Scenes

Backstage there is no quiet before the storm" there is the storm before the storm! Hundreds of talented people come together to help us make the show a success. Rehearsals and run-throughs occur at the same time as interviews and celebrity’s crazy busy!

Let us paint a picture of what it looks life behind-the-scenes: Tim Gunn is filming a piece, Jennette McCurdy, Laura Gomez, and Lily Lane are being fitted, and the Paul Mitchell team is now putting the final touches on the hairstyles that will complete the looks for the runway.

ME 11

Showtime, Showtime!

The show is happening now. With a combination of fierce models, MARK AND ESTEL fashion designs, Paul Mitchell hairstyles and our vision dancing while flying, the Stairway to the Stars collection is absolute magic. At the end of the show, we perform a medley of the collection’s original songs "Stairway To The Stars’ and "Dancing’ with the message: you are a fashion rockstar!

ME 13

ME 12

ME 14

After The Show

Before we leave the tents, we give a few interviews and mingle with our guests.  We are thrilled to see our long-time client, the amazing actress Maya Rudolph with the genius Mickey Boardman of Paper Magazine.

The end of Fashion Week means it is time to go home, but not without some celebratory reflecting: we watch the show over and over at New York Fashion Week is a fabulous time for all designers to come together to create something exciting. We love NYFW, and we love working with Paul Mitchell to create the hairstyles, complete the looks and bring our dreams to life.

The PM PR girls are a talented duo that facilitate and participate in all things Paul Mitchell, from sports events to editorial photo shoots and red carpet galas. Lindsey Provost and Tatiana Hilton work with editors, our partners, artists, educators and staff to cover all of the things we do.  

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