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Meet Geoff Cameron

Meet Geoff Cameron

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on May 14th 2017

As a player on the U.S. National and England's Stoke City teams, Geoff's well-known among soccer fans on both sides of the pond╌and for more than just skills on the field. His hair is so cool, it's become something of a star in its own right, spawning admiring chatter from style mags and fans╌and even its own Twitter handle: @Geoffs_Hair.


So, your hair has its own Twitter account. How did that happen? What’s it like having such famous hair?

I have no idea who runs it╌some fan did it. I think they are hilarious, and they always have my back.

Describe your signature look and grooming routine.

Maintained scruffiness. Somewhat classy. I get my hair cut every two weeks by the same barber at the same place.  

What's your look for a night out?

Depends on where we're going╌I dress for the occasion. But I don't dress to impress, I dress for me and what I feel comfortable in. I enjoy wearing suits for games and looking like a businessman, because I like to take care of business.

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Describe your personal style.  

Modern. A mix of preppy, trendy and tailored Euro/English.

Do you notice a difference between American and British style? You're American╌has being in Britain affected your look?

I can pick out an American in London in two seconds, especially an American businessman╌American suits are less tailored. One time I came back home, and my dad looked at me like, "What are you wearing?" I had on cuffed pants that were in style in Europe but hadn’t made their way to the States yet. I like a mix of everything. Style should be whatever you want it to be.

You travel a lot. What can we always find in your carry-on?

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Emergen-C, travel-sized Matterial®, Reformer® and Double Hitter®╌I always carry my MITCH® on me. And I always carry a pair of underwear and socks in my backpack.  

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Follow this globe-trotting pro baller on Instagram (@geoffcameron) and Twitter (@geoffcameron).

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