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Meet Marcel: Retro Tool Returns to Set the New Standard in Curls

Meet Marcel: Retro Tool Returns to Set the New Standard in Curls

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Jan 17th 2017

If you’re a tool junkie, you’re likely excited to learn about the irons that are en vogue. Our new iron is not just any curling iron; it’s a marcel iron, which is named for the French hairdresser who revolutionized the curling process in 1872. One of the most popular wearers of the "Marcel Wave" was the glamorous Josephine Baker.

Paul -mitchell -Express -Gold -Curl -Marcel -social -media -jan -2017

The iconic barrel surface of the Express Gold Curl Marcel distributes heat evenly for consistent, long-lasting shiny curls. It also heats up quickly to 430°F, but its most unique feature is its springless attachment.

While a marcel wand can be used by us mere mortals, it’s largely favored by professionals because it offers stylists the most control and versatility. If you’re ready to test-drive your way to old-Hollywood waves, keep a couple of pointers in mind.

Hold the curling iron the way you would any other one, but with one small tweak: Hold your middle finger under the handle, not over it. This gives leverage to open and close the clamp. Because the clip rotates a full 365 degrees around the rod, once the ends of your hair are secured and you move all your fingers on top of the handle, you can use your fingers to roll the rod up the hair shaft.

Practice makes for perfectly shaped patterns! Check out the rest of our curling iron collection, click here. C'est magnifique!

Cover image via  @msmaverickmuse

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