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Men's Grooming Goals for 2017

Men's Grooming Goals for 2017

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Jan 10th 2017

"Short hair, don’t care" isn’t an attitude we want our MITCH® men to have this year. Style can be subtle when you don’t have long locks, but it’s still noticeable because details do the talking. Polished pompadours scream time and effort, but even bedhead hair needs some product to achieve that I’m-not-trying look. In celebration of MANuary®╌a month dedicated to men’s wellness and style, we’re sharing three easy tips to upgrade your status to healthy and handsome.

High And Tight

Aim High

For those who want to give fine hair a boost, start with a volumizing cut. Depending on your hair type and concerns, consider these looks:




Gain Control

If you want to manage a head full of curls and waves, avoid styles for straight hair. Instead, trim it tight on the sides and keep it loose on the top. Complete your look with Clean Cut®, a pliable, semi-matte styling cream that lets you shape and reshape your texture.

Gain Control

Play the Part

Infuse instant charm with a deep side part. Don’t know which is your best side? Start by looking at your cowlick╌the outward spiral of hair on top of your head. If it moves counter-clockwise, part your hair on the right. If it faces clockwise, part your hair on the left. If you’re lucky and have two cowlicks, feel free to part it either way. Finally, lock your look in place with Steady Grip®, a firm-hold natural shine gel.

Play The Play  

Did you know? Head and neck cancer is the sixth most common cancer in the world. Major causes include alcohol, tobacco and HPV. So next time you groom with Paul Mitchell®, pay special attention to your ear, neck and throat areas. Note potential symptoms like a lump that won’t heal, a persistent sore throat, difficulty with swallowing, and a change or hoarseness in your voice.

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