#MITCHManuary Tips for Staying Healthy and Handsome in 2015

Before Jeanne Braa became an active men’s health advocate, she was an integral part of our Paul Mitchell® family. She worked as the Paul Mitchell Artistic Director for many years and was a longtime stage partner to our very own Paul Mitchellâ•Œthey both have been recognized as two of the most influential hair designers in history! After a very successful career, Jeanne retired from hairdressing to travel the world with her husband Dean Foster to do humanitarian work.

Inspired by her husband’s triumph over cancer and the loss of her good friend Paul Mitchell to cancer, Jeanne became a men’s health advocate alongside her husband. Now, Dean serves as the Medical Director of Prostate Cancer Research Institute and together they work spread a message of proactive self-care to improve the longevity of men’s lives and fight the second leading cancer in American men, prostate cancer.

As we continue our celebration of #MITCHManuary, we asked Jeanne and Dean for a few tips that men can use to stay healthy, happy and handsome year-round. Here are their recommendations for leading a long and healthy life:

Dude, check yourself out!

Self-awareness is critical to maintaining good health. Tell your partner or your health care provider about any physical, mental or spiritual problems you may be experiencing. Don’t hide/diminish/discount any early warning signs.

Health starts at the cellular level.

Excellent cellular health leads to a strong immune system, which can help fight infections and cancer.   If you do get cancer, a strong immune system will help you survive it and avoid complications from the treatments. Practicing self-care and keeping your cells healthy includes eating a nutritious diet of quality whole foods (avoid fast food and processed foods) and getting daily exercise. This will get important nutrients into your cells and remove toxins to keep them healthy.

Real men get screened.

Men often put their health last on the list, but the fact is that everyone, men and women, need to take care of their bodies. January is a great time for a health check-up. Start the year right with a physical exam, blood work up and a prostate test and repeat annually. Men over the age of 45 should get a PSA test every year to screen for prostate cancer. Keep track of your PSA levels by charting your results every year on a graph.

Know where you can get support and information.

Prostate cancer is a sensitive topic. Approaching it from an informed point of view can help to tame the emotions. Prostate Cancer Research Institute not only provides support directly to men, but also has resources for family members and a helpline. Visit www.PCRI.com.

Thank you Jeanne and Dean for your contribution to #MITCHManuary!  

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