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Neon Q&A: Behind the Scenes with Elvi

Neon Q&A: Behind the Scenes with Elvi

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Sep 25th 2016

Get to know the squad behind our new stylish line of hair products: Neon. Here’s Elvi!

Boldest moment: Moving to the United States from Russia.

On my playlist: Hindi/yoga meditation music to make me calm and at peace.

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Fave fashion piece: I make clothes, and I love wearing my own pieces and getting compliments. I make faux fur coats. I started making them for Burning Man, and then I started getting orders. Now I have my own company.

On confidence: I think you either feel it or you don't. It's something inside of you╌it's your approach to life.

Biggest fan: My mom.

Childhood ambition: I wanted to be an actress╌not anymore though. It would be too hard here with my Russian accent!


Check back next month for our next interview!

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