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Neon Q&A: Behind the Scenes with Grace

Neon Q&A: Behind the Scenes with Grace

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Oct 18th 2016

Get to know the squad behind our new stylish line of hair products: Neon. Here’s Grace!

Go-to hairstyle: Just straight and a little bit naturally messy.

Never-again hairstyle: When I was 16, I wanted to get an A-line cut, but I told the stylist the wrong directions and she gave me a boy cut and I hated it so much! I got made fun of for it. I cried!

Can't get enough of: Beard Papa's Cream Puffs. They're cream puffs with custard inside. I'm in love with them.

Paul -mitchell -NEON-Grace -BTS-blog -image

Used to worry about: Being overly tall and skinny. It made me stick out in the crowd. I would hunch over to blend in.

Best present ever: One year I got a Polaroid camera from my then-boyfriend so we could document our memories together. It was very thoughtful. I like meaningful presents╌that's more important to me than material gifts.


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