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Neon Q&A: Behind the Scenes with Mikalah

Neon Q&A: Behind the Scenes with Mikalah

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Sep 22nd 2016

Get to know the squad behind our new stylish line of hair products: Neon. Here’s Mikalah!

Career goal: I want to be a model and an actress and a makeup artist.

Can't get enough of: Fashion! I'm very fashion-forward and love to look at what celebrities are wearing.

Never leave home without: Chapstick. I hate it when my lips get dry.

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Hair history: My hair was super long when I was younger╌past my butt.

"Aha" moment: I used to straighten my hair all the time╌but my curly hair makes me unique. Sometimes I still like super sleek hair because it looks high fashion, but my curly hair is my signature look.

What makes me feel on top of the world: When my eyebrows are perfect! I am really picky about doing them and when they're perfect, I'm like, this is a great day.


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