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Neuro Holiday Hair How-To: Rippled Waves

Neuro Holiday Hair How-To: Rippled Waves

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems® on Dec 18th 2017

Give beach waves a holiday update by using a flat iron to create an edgy, rippled effect.

  1. Begin by misting the hair with Neuro™ Protect HeatCTRL™ Iron Hairspray.

  2. Section from the mid-crown to the top of the ears. Take a fine section from mid-crown and clip down hair underneath.

  3. Mist with Neuro™ Finish HeatCTRL™ Style Spray and using a heat-resistant comb, place hair in comb and fold over the head. Clip to secure. Lightly press the comb with Aurora Neuro® Smooth 1.25" Flat Iron and clip to cool.

  4. Repeat again mid-length, using the fine teeth of the comb.

  5. Keep working down the section, adding more hair towards the bottom. Clip to cool.

  6. Begin again on the other side, taking a little more hair around the hairline. Continue down the length adding more density at the ends. Create a loop in the hair and press with the flat iron.

  7. Split the back in two; repeat the technique using the comb and the loop, press with flat iron to create ripples on the bottom section.

  8. Repeat again on the top part of the back section.

  9. To complete, connect all sections and mist with Neuro™ Finish HeatCTRL™ Style Spray

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