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Neuro Holiday Hair How-To: Triangular Style

Neuro Holiday Hair How-To: Triangular Style

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems® on Dec 18th 2017

Make an entrance at your next holiday party with this ultra-modern take on a half-up, half-down hairstyle featuring triangular shapes.

  1. Apply both Neuro™ Prime HeatCTRL™ Blowout Primer and Neuro™ Lift HeatCTRL™ Volume Foam throughout the hair. Blow-dry hair back, away from the face, using 413 Sculpting Brush and Aurora Neuro® Grip Ergonomic Dryer.

  2. Polish ends with a Neuro® Round Brush away from the face. Smooth with Neuro® Smooth 1.25" Flat Iron.

  3. Section out a small triangle from the hairline to the low crown (widest part should be 1”). Be sure to clip hair to keep them controlled.

  4. Take this section and comb back vertically. With hair still in the comb, place comb on the back of the head to create an upright triangle (90 degrees off the crown).

  5. Spray the hair in comb with Neuro™ Finish HeatCTRL™ Style Spray and use the Aurora Neuro® Grip Ergonomic Dryer to dry on low speed and low heat. Once dry, remove comb and clip bottom corner to anchor temporarily.

  6. Repeat this process with two narrow triangles on both sides of the first triangle. These will only go as far back as the crown.

  7. Hold everything in place by finishing with a mist of Neuro™ Finish HeatCTRL™ Style Spray.

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