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Neuro Smart Style How To: Create a Full Head of Curls

Neuro Smart Style How To: Create a Full Head of Curls

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems® on Jan 21st 2018

The secret to a full mane of curls with spring and bounce are no longer a secret!

Curls Demystified
  1. Start with thermal-protecting spray on dry hair.
  2. Take a small section of hair from the front and roll it into a pin curl shape with your fingers.
  3. Once rolled, use your smoothing iron to evenly heat pin curl.
  4. Secure the curl with a clip.
  5. Repeat working around the top section, wrapping each pin curl in the same direction.
  6. Once you complete your first row, alternate the next row in the opposite direction.
  7. Every curl in a row should be wrapped in the same direction, while every row should alternate the direction in which the pin curls are wrapped. PRO TIP: For an even look and ease of styling, ensure that each section you take while curling is approximately the same size.
  8. Allow curls to cool entirely.
  9. Remove clips and comb through.
  10. Finish with body-boosting styling spray.

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