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Neuro Smart Style How To: Create Loose Waves

Neuro Smart Style How To: Create Loose Waves

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems® on Jan 11th 2018

Form perfectly soft waves with a couple of tools and effortless tricks.

Pretty Powerful
  1. On damp, clean hair, prep with a volumizing foam.
  2. Starting in the front, take a horizontal section of hair no larger than the size of your round brush.
  3. Use firm tension to blow dry with a round brush. Start at your base, working your way through your ends.
  4. Once dry, roll hair around fingers to create a pin curl shape and clip to base of head.
  5. Continue working your way around your head, rolling and securing each section.
  6. Once cool, remove the clips and shake out hair.
  7. Apply a thermal protecting hairspray.
  8. Take a vertical section from the front of hair and wrap around a curling iron. PRO TIP: For a more lived-in feel, leave the ends of hair out while curling.
  9. Alternate the direction in which you wrap hair. Work your way around your head until complete.
  10. Lightly comb through to separate curls.
  11. Finish with styling spray to lock-in the look.

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