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Neuro Smart Style How To: Create Voluminous Waves

Neuro Smart Style How To: Create Voluminous Waves

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems® on Jan 30th 2018

Add lift and lightness to waves with an adjustable curling iron and an easy technique.

Flexible Waves
  1. Start with your hair’s natural center part and prep dry hair with a thermal-protecting spray.
  2. Turn your adjustable curling iron to the 90-degree setting.
  3. Take small vertical sections of hair, about the size of your rod.
  4. Starting in the front, wrap hair around the curling iron away from your face, leaving the ends out.
  5. Use the same slight elevation for every vertical section that you take. PRO TIP: Maintaining the same slight elevation and ensuring that each vertical section is about the same size will create a more seamless finish.
  6. Once cool, brush out to your liking and finish with a body-boosting styling spray.

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