New Year, New Hair Color

It’s the New Year and what better way to start fresh and reinvent than with hair color? Here I am sharing some of my favorite trending hair colors, how to ask your stylist for it and what to expect in terms of  commitment.

When thinking about hair color shifts or makeovers, a great way to narrow down how subtle or extreme  you want to take it is by thinking: whisper, talk, or shout, or subtle, committed or bold.



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This season, an example of an on-trend, whisper color change is natural-looking, hand-painted color. Ask  your stylist for face-framing highlights that work with your skin toneâ•Œbuttery blondes, caramel browns  or creamy cool platinumâ•Œand stick a deeper, natural base. This hair color trend  requires little  maintenance, which is one of the main reasons it’s so appealing. Bonus: A simple change of your part or  flip of your hair can reveal more color when you want to!


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An on-trend, talk color change this season is something that is noticeably new and different, but not too  far off the path of natural. Ask your stylist for soft pastel tones like pink, peach, mint or sterling silver to  complement blonde hair either all over the head or on random strands around the face. With subtle  tones like these that are surprisingly low maintenance, you can try a new flavor for every month  because you can switch it up as soon as it rinses out.  


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A shout hair color change this season will embrace bold and adventurous tones in all the right places.  Think vibrant, upbeat, edgy and fun! Ask your stylist for bright color blocks paired with your natural hair  color. The maintenance for looks like these requires more commitment, but as long as you and your  stylist pair it with the right haircut, you can keep this look shouting for quite a while!

Now is a perfect time to give your hair a bit of flair, whether that comes in the form or a whisper, talk or  shout color change. Book your appointment at your local salon and welcome the new year with a  gorgeous new hair color.  

Jamie Anderbery-Stout is Paul Mitchell's Director of Color Education. When she's not educating stylists on Paul Mitchell professional hair color, you might find her working on her collection of old Chevys or sharing dinner with her husband at her fave Mexican food restaurant.  

Jamie Anderbury-Stout

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