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New Year’s Resolutions: Paul Mitchell® Style

New Year’s Resolutions: Paul Mitchell® Style

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Jan 12th 2017

People love to talk about their New Year’s resolutions. But they’re not always easy to follow through with.  So we’re here to help!


New Year’s Resolution: Save Money

Holidays can be a drain on your wallet, so it’s natural to want to save some money at the beginning of the year. Find out how to make your blowout last so you’ll see even more good hair days!

Paul -mitchell -blog -Save Money -jan -feb -2017


New Year’s Resolution: Better Time Management

Trying to balance being Sporty Spice with being Posh? We get it. But just because you rushed here from the gym doesn’t mean you have to look it. Check out these practical, yet chic hairstyles that are achieved with tools and stylers that fit right in your gym bag.

Paul -mitchell -blog -Save Time -jan -feb -2017

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New Year’s Resolution: Lose Weight

It’s a common desire to lose a few, especially in the beginning of the year. But we think you look beautiful just the way you are, so if you insist on cutting some inches, why not make it a short haircut?

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Best of luck!