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A healthy scalp is always in style. But the latest hair care trends are always changing. August is Hair Loss Awareness Month, and in anticipation of that, we rounded up some of the most popular current trends in scalp care. Whether you’re looking to prevent thinning, combat dandruff, curb hair loss or maintain all-around scalp health, there’s a growing trend aimed at targeting your concerns.

So, what’s trending?

Masks Are for Hair, Too

We’ve reached peak masking—and we’re not mad about it. Next time you’re coating your face in your favorite combo of clarifying and detoxifying face masks, show your hair a little love. Though they’re not as instantly Instagram-able, people are increasingly embracing hair masks for their many beneficial properties. The right hair mask—like our Lavender Mint Deep Conditioning Mineral Hair Mask—can help strengthen and hydrate moisture-starved strands. Healthy hair is always double-tap worthy in our book.

SPF—the Old Friend That’s Got Your Scalp Covered

Yes, sunscreen isn’t a new concept. If you’re skin care savvy, you’ve likely slathered your face and body with a cocktail of vitamins and a suitable layer of SPF every day—but what about your scalp? Bad news: your epidermis is still showing. That’s why skin care champions are now making a point to advocate specifically for the protection of the oft forgotten scalp. Any part in your hair or otherwise exposed scalp is susceptible to sunburn and sun damage, just like the rest of your skin. Simply spritzing your scalp with a product offering UV protection—like Tea Tree’s Lemon Sage Thickening Spray—can help prevent sun-related cancers and damage that leads to hair loss.

Say “Hey” to Multi-Step Hair Care Systems

Good news: effective multi-step systems aren’t limited solely to your facial routine. And, no, we’re not talking about your typical shampoo and conditioner duo. Beauty lovers are pairing their derm-prescribed or self-curated K beauty facial cleansing systems with multi-step hair care regimens. Keep your scalp in line with effective hair care systems, like our Scalp Care Anti-Thinning Regimen Kit, which in an independent clinical study, increased hair volume and strength in 85% of users.

Staycation with Scalp Massages and Gentle Exfoliation

Give your scalp a mini spa day. A growing scalp trend, you may have seen scalp exfoliation how-tos floating through your social feeds. Before starting any new routine, we recommend consulting your dermatologist to learn what’s best for your skin and to understand the proper technique. But, a gentle scalp massage, paired with a nutrient-rich treatment like the Tea Tree Scalp and Hair Treatment, can be a great way to moisturize, nourish and relieve oily build-up from your scalp.

A Little Thing Called Tea Tree Oil

We’re obviously big fans of the many dermatological benefits of tea tree oil. While, hardly new, the skin benefits of tea tree oil have been catching some major steam in the mainstream lately. Tea Tree Aromatic Oil’s healing properties—like its ability to reduce flakiness, itchiness and irritation—are currently making headlines.

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