One Month, One Change

It’s January. And while that means the end of college football, it means more time to focus on the real champ: YOU! And if you’re the kind of guy who’s over New Year’s resolutions, hear us out. Part of the reason that resolutions end up broken are because they’re just too much. You have to do too much for too long and it might not net results after all. So we asked our Paul Mitchell® athletes for the one change they’ve made that’s netted serious results. Try one out and let us know how it goes!  

Chas Guldemond, professional snowboarder

Is an injury from years past nagging you after a weekend ski trip or your last bootcamp workout? That pain and soreness happens to the best of us, and, as a pro snowboarder, I know all about it. Fortunately there are ways to reduce it and, for me, it started with my diet. I've really tried to cut down on the amount of inflammatory foods I consume (sugars, dairy products, red meat, refined grains). My knees have been feeling better and my recovery time from workouts is speeding up. See how it feels to replace some of these foods with healthier alternatives. If you're happy with the results, stick to it and enjoy your active lifestyle even more.  

Branden Rakita, professional triathlete

I've made a number of changes throughout my career like going to yoga, more strength training, reducing the amount of refined sugar in my diet and giving my coach more input on my training. Overall, each change has made an impact, but what really mattered was the mental. After I made a physical change and got some additional coaching from a sports psychologist to work on the mental side of my athletic performance, I felt like I was a better athlete. For me, it was the mental shift I made to become a stronger and more focused athlete.

Casey Patterson, professional beach volleyball player

Two months before the Rio Olympics, I found out that I have Hashimoto's disease (an autoimmune disease that attacks your thyroid.) I gave my diet a complete overhaul. No more gluten, dairy, whey protein or eggs. As an athlete, I was consuming all of those things with the mindset that it was helping me recover. Turns out they were massive triggers that caused my immune system to attack my thyroid. Now that I've changed my diet, it's like a weight's been lifted off of me. No more inflammation, drowsiness, fatigue or stomach pain. It was such a blessing.  

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