Paul Mitchell Athlete Spotlight: Blake Leeper

Blake Leeper is an accomplished athletic star.  He is a world-renowned track and field competitor , member of Team USA, three-time Olympian and all-around outstanding sportsman. As a bilateral below-the-knee amputee who has been using prosthetics since the age of nine months, Blake has proven his determination and talent as an athlete for years. After receiving a grant to fund a pair of running prosthetics from Challenged Athletes Foundation, he reached new athletic accomplishments including his participation and success in the 2012 Paralympic Games and the 2013 IPC Athletics World Championships. He was awarded bronze and silver medals at the Paralympics games and a fond, new nickname: Blade Runner.  

Blake Leeper

Blake is one of the newest members on our sports roster. He is an awesome example of someone who embraces and exudes healthy living and great style. We sat down with him to get his take on leading a healthy, stylish lifestyle, just in time for #MITCHManuary. Here is what he shared with us:

Besides track & field, what sports do you like to play?

I play basketball regularly. It was a dream of mine to play in the NBA as a kid.

How do you stay fit when you’re not competing?

I like to stay consistent in the weight room, even in the offseason. I also play pick-up basketball games with my friends.

What keeps you motivated to keep training on days when you feel like taking it easy?

I think of all the kids and people in the world with a disability that need my inspiration. It motivates me to keep pushing.

What’s your post-workout routine?  

I run a couple of laps around the track, drink a glass of milk and eat a good recovery meal.

As a professional athlete and three-time Olympian, how do you find a balance between training, competing and having a social life?

Well, training and competing are my first priorities, but when I do find time to relax, I like to play video games and take it easy to let my body recover.

What is your recipe for looking sharp for important events?

The recipe is start from the bottom up and since my bottom is my blades, it’s a little easier for me! When dressing up, just be yourself. Never try to force an outfit.

What are your favorite Paul Mitchell products?

The Tea Tree products.

For more tips on healthy living and looking handsome this year, check out the MITCH® facebook page or search for #MITCHManuary on social media.  

The Paul Mitchell sports team is made up of a sporty duo that organizes and oversees our sports marketing initiatives, as well as our roster of professional athletes and events. Kalena Nordgaarden and Rachel Hausman are constantly on-the-go, attending one event after the next, and exciting the participants and crowd along the way!

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