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Paul Mitchell® Celebrates Diversity Through Fashion

Paul Mitchell® Celebrates Diversity Through Fashion

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Aug 31st 2017

Photos courtesy Robert Charles Photography

Paul Mitchell stylists style high school students hair

Team Paul Mitchell® recently helped celebrate diversity through fashion at Unify Against Bullying’s annual show. Unify Against Bullying is an organization dedicated to helping children bring an end to bullying by giving them the tools and encouragement they need.

Held at The Log Cabin in Holyoke, MA, the revolutionary Unify Fashion Show featured high school students—for more than 15 schools—of all styles, sizes, shapes, ethnicities, sexual orientation and physical ability.

An attendee of the Unify Against Bullying write a pledge to fight bullying

A mirror at Unify Against Bullying promotes a Bully-Free Zone and sticky notes to stopping bullying

For more information about Unify Against Bullying, click here.

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