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Preview: Wolk Morais’ Upcoming LA Fashion Show

Preview: Wolk Morais’ Upcoming LA Fashion Show

Posted by Team John Paul Mitchell Systems on Nov 1st 2015

Earlier this year, we partnered with New York transplant and LA fashion label Wolk Morais to create the runway hairstyles for their debut show. After a hugely successful presentation, attended by celebrities, stylists and the sartorially inclined, we’re thrilled to announce the designers are preparing for a second show where they will present their new ready to wear collection and our Awapuhi Wild Ginger® styling team will be working behind the scenes to create the runway hair looks. As we countdown to the show, we’re studying the designers’ sketches and creative processes for their counter-culture-inspired collection. Here’s a first look at their design inspiration:  


2015-10-17 13.55.16 (1)

Wolk Morais 3

Wolk Morais 4

Wolk Morais 5

Wolk Morais 6

2015-10-18 10.49.51

The Wolk Morais show will be held on November 9th. Stay tuned for more on the designers and the forthcoming show!

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