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Sea of Shoes Takes on the Ultimate Color Repair Challenge

Sea of Shoes Takes on the Ultimate Color Repair Challenge

Posted by The PM PR Girls on Jan 1st 2015

Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes is many things: A super stylish fashion blogger, a natural beauty and one of the most gorgeous redheads we’ve ever met! Have you seen her rich red locks? Paired with her killer sense of style and naturally beautiful complexion, she could arguably be the modern-day Lucille Ball.  

UCR Sea of Shoes

We’re excited to announce that Jane is in the midst of the Ultimate Color Repair™ challenge, testing how the products protect and repair her colored hair. She has been using the three-part system exclusively for the last 3 weeks and will continue to do so for the remainder of the month. Check in on Jane’s progress by following @PaulMitchellUS and @SeaOfShoes on Instagram and tune in to her posts on  

UCR Sea of Shoes 2

UCR Sea of Shoes 3

UCR Sea of Shoes 4

The PM PR girls are a talented duo that facilitate and participate in all things Paul Mitchell, from sports events to editorial photo shoots and red carpet galas. Lindsey Provost and Tatiana Hilton work with editors, our partners, artists, educators and staff to cover all of the things we do.  

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