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Shop Talk with John Mosley

Shop Talk with John Mosley

Posted by Amber Tonn on Jan 7th 2016

When it comes to achieving success, happiness, great health and killer style, who do you turn to for sound advice? For most guys, these conversations unfold when they’re in the company of their closest friends and family. In celebration of MANuary, Paul Mitchell barbering expert John Mosley recently hosted a handful of his closest friends and regular guests at his Long Beach barber shop to talk shop and weigh in on what it means to be a modern man. Here’s what they spilled while the cameras were rolling.

Amber Tonn is Paul Mitchell's Web Content Manager by day and a yoga teacher by night. When she's not at Paul Mitchell Headquarters strategizing and writing content for our digital channels, you might find her breaking down hip-hop dance moves, eating kale chips or searching for her next pair of shoes.

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