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Sport Your Style: The Burton European Open Championships

Sport Your Style: The Burton European Open Championships

Posted by PM Sports Team on Feb 16th 2015

As the Sports Marketing Manager for Paul Mitchell, I travel the world working the lifestyle sports events we sponsor. Recently I traveled to beautiful Laax, Switzerland for the Burton European Open Championships where the world’s best male and female slopestyle and halfpipe snowboarders competed in crazy conditions for the top titles. Consistent fresh pow fell almost all day, every day, and high winds kicked in, so four days’ worth of competition was whittled down to just one and a half. Despite the crazy conditions, the athletes put on a great show and the top riders took home the coveted tiki trophies. The event’s tiki theme kept athletes and attendees alike warm and in great spirits, and we had a blast handing out free samples and playing games in the Paul Mitchell tiki lounge. Check out the pics for a look at all the action!  

01- The Paul Mitchell Tiki Lounge Full Of Free Samples And FUN!

02- The Amazing Team From Our Swiss Distributor Came To Help For The Event.

04- 2014 Olympic Gold Medalist & 2015 BEO Men ’s Halfpipe Champion Iouri Podladtchikov Flies High Above The Crowd

10- View Of The Slopestyle Course.

13-  2015 Men 's Slopestyle Podium . L-R Mark Mc Morris (2nd ), Stale Sandbech (1st ), Torstein Horgmo (3rd)

15- The Women Of Slopestyle Having A Good Time In The Tiki Finishi Corral ! L-R Jamie Anderson (2nd ), Christy Prior (1st ), Enni Rukajärvi (3rd)

Sports Marketing Manager Kalena Nordgaarden is constantly on-the-go, attending one event after the next, and exciting the participants and crowd along the way!

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