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Sport Your Style!

Sport Your Style!

Posted by PM Sports Team on Sep 17th 2014

Did you know that we sponsor over 110 sporting events a year and have a full roster of professional athletes? From hip-hop dance and freeskiing to mountain biking and surfing, Team Paul Mitchell is made up of some of the world’s most talented athletes who are killing it at Paul Mitchell-sponsored events across the globe, including mega-events like the US Open of Surf, Dew Tour and the Burton Open series.

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Now, we have an entire section on our website devoted to these individuals and our events. You can get to know our athletes there, read up on the event overviews and scope out the event calendar to find out what events are coming up in your area so you can join in on the fun.


Check back often, as we will be adding new athlete profiles and spotlighting events! Also follow #SportYourStyle on social media to see even more exclusive updates on what’s happening with Team Paul Mitchell.

Go team!  

The Paul Mitchell sports team is made up of a sporty duo that organizes and oversees our sports marketing initiatives, as well as our roster of professional athletes and events. Kalena Nordgaarden and Rachel Hausman are constantly on-the-go, attending one event after the next, and exciting the participants and crowd along the way!  

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