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Steal Your Girlfriend’s Blow Dryer

Steal Your Girlfriend’s Blow Dryer

Posted by Paul Mitchell Team on Dec 30th 2015

You likely use a styling product every day, but what about a blow dryer? Michael Stout, a Paul Mitchell® educated barber working at an awesome old-school shop in L.A., makes a case for introducing heat styling into your routine. Yep, blow dryers aren’t just for the ladies.

Being a barber, I hear the same story day in and day out: I love what you've done with my hair, good sir, but I cannot for the life of me replicate it. And at this point I always say: Do you own a blow dryer?

Express Ion Dry

Many guys overlook the need for a blow dryer, but as a men's barber I can tell you with confidence it is a necessary tool of the trade. A blow-dryer helps manage hair, construct style and gives you a way to manipulate hair into a desired texture or shape.

Guys say: I'll never be able to make it look this good or you make it look so easy to style. Let me give you an honest confession as a barber╌those reference photos of David Beckham were styled, mate. His hair does not have natural volume like that and neither does yours. But we can give you the next best thing and the blow-dryer is something ALL men should use. When paired with the right MITCH® product, it will control your curls, straighten your waves and hold your style all day.

Quick Tips:

  • Use a sturdy brush while blow-drying
  • Keep the heat of the blow-dryer close behind the brush while styling.
  • Blow-dry your hair in the opposite direction of styling to create volume
  • Ask your barber for blow-drying tips on your specific hairstyle (we’re here to help you!)

And just remember, hair is a journey for all of us. If you fail: try, try, again.

When you’re ready for your own blow-dryer or when you get busted for stealing your chick’s, browse your options here.

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